Put and Take Collection











UPDATES 2014 + 2015

 Netherlands : Oude Schie

 Germany -  Nimm Roma ( Left item).

 France Regular Nr. 12

 Spain - Ginebra 4 - Sided

 Vertical Nr.5 from U.K.


 The Netherlands - DEWAR'S Whiskey

 Nr. 19 Vertical from USA. 

 France commercial - GALERIES LAFAYETTE.

 Very special - SAN FARIAN.

 Germany : NIMM ROMA .

 France commercial -  PICON.

 Great Britain - ROSCO on the new page Great Britain Commercial

 Turkey one LEFT and one NORMAL

 Netherlands Item Nr. 3


Middle east

Spain very nice small item

Netherlands Item 10 Café  de Sluis

France Commercial  La Fayette

Netherlands DOTS Nr.9 and Nr.11

France Normal Nr. 14

Belgium  2 pieces. One copper and one left


France  Normal  1 piece Item Nr 4

UK USA Flat Item Nr. 3


A new page is added : ALL COUNTRIES BOLD" a selection of items from the pages "UK & USA Knurled A-B-C"